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aura of goodness and love surrounding you at all times. It ing follows you around. Oh, come on. I’m not just waxing your car here, man. You’ve got something special. You need to share with the world. Okay. See that girl over there? She loves you for who you are, with every sense of her being. You guys are gonna grow old and die together on a porch somewhere. I mean, it’s big. Yeah. And there is a wild card in the situation too. If I know my wife, I can tell when she likes someone and she thinks you’re the bee’s knees. Really? Yeah, everybody games You’re loved. I want you to stop moping around like a little , you take that thing, you own it, you get the out there and you show me what the you’re made out of. You’re a stud! You’re a stud horse, Alex. Don’t you ever forget that. Okay. All right? Okay. I’m serious. Yeah. I’m a stud horse. You’re a stud horse. Ladies and ladies, can I have your full attention, please? Whoo! Girls, get the biggest towel you got, ’cause your pussies are about to be dripping wet. Prepare yourselves to bear witness to the beautiful, the lovely, the one, the only games Alex! Woo-hoo! Yes, yes, yes! Whoo! Oh, my God! Yes! Yes! That was ing fun! Thank you! Thanks! Whoo! Your husband is a really great man. Yes! Whoo! Whoo! I feel like I just gave birth to myself. And games Honey games Yeah? I am very happy for you that you were able to have your little, you know, like, breakthrough over there, but I think we’ve reached that point in the evening where we should leave before anything crazy happens. What are you talking about? We can’t leave. Sweetie games I’m just telling you this because I don’t think that you’ll firing on all cylinders right now. I’m not only firing on all cylinders, I am firing on cylinders I didn’t even know I had. Honey, I’m pretty sure that we have moved from, uh, free wheeling, sort of California vibe to more of a swinger vibe. That’s what it feels like to me. Oh! No, I games I don’t games think so at all, like games I mean, I, I games I really went through something over there.