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Like you. I don’t make any sense? No, not really. Why go on the run with me, then? First time we sat down and talked, it was easy. And then it stayed easy. And that’s it? You had a profound moment I missed? First time we had Really? Yeah. No, I mean, really, like, you knew then you wanted graves next to each other? No, I mean I Games there wasn’t a moment when I knew. But I do know. I’m just saying if I felt we should share all of our time together Games and I’m not saying I do Games it’s not because of something that could be expressed. And also, like, you saw me all ed up and you’re still here. Oh. I guess Games your place is clean. I like that. And your voice, your voice keeps me around. What? Welcome to Naples! Benvenuto! Are we looking for crack? We’re on the run. No police ever come here. You’re trying to get me killed. Hashish? How much? No, grazie, grazie. Grazie. ? Can you change ? Don’t even make eye contact. Are you kidding me? Do you have a lighter? That’s terrible. We should buy you some clothes now. Why do you hate my shirt? You don’t listen. Oh, I listen. No, you still don’t. Oh, I listen. Uh, let’s see, I got you pregnant. You can use those embryo cells to heal fast and live forever. When you do that, you physically become half the man who got you pregnant. Um, when you are pregnant, you turn into a cross between creatures from our evolutionary past and a corpse. You could choose to use your adult cells, but then you’d die someday, so Games You know, honey, just because you listen to a few things doesn’t make you Oprah. It does. No, it doesn’t. I find it amazing that I even understood half of what you said. I’ve actually never been in a church. Well, let’s go in that one. You wouldn’t be bored? No, no. I haven’t been to that one since the grand opening. So do you know anything about all this? I’ve always been a student of science, but it’s pretty and I like the rituals. No, I mean do you know anything about, like Games ? No. The gods change so much, I can’t keep up. All this time and all the things