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Just as seriously as Kiara takes hers. But I do take it seriously. Kion game Little B, I think Kion needs some time to himself. KIARA: Be sure to stay low while we’re tracking the herd. And we need stay downwind, so they don’t catch our scent. That’s why it’s important to watch how the grass moves. Are we going to attack them? No. My dad says we should only take what the pride needs, to keep the Circle of Life in balance. If we took down gazelles just to learn how to do it, pretty soon there wouldn’t be any left. Then we’d be as bad as the hyenas. GASPS What’s Mzingo doing up there? Vultures only circle like that when they’re expecting to eat. Kiara, look! KIARA: Hyenas. And Janja’s leading them. TIIFU: There’s so many of them! Ye . And with Mzingo circling over the gazelles, I have a feeling they’re up to no good. What are we going to do? Go find my dad and tell him Janja and his clan are here. I’ll stay here and keep watch. Okay, Kiara. Be careful! Dad wanted the best for the Lion Guard. And I found them. But now, maybe the best isn’t good enough? I just don’t understand. SINGING Why? Why even trust me at all? They say the Guard is my call But then come tell me I’m wrong Now what What should I do? And who Who do I turn to? Now everything feels so upside down Deep down, maybe I knew It was way too good to be true With all my friends looking up to me Some leader I turned out to be Kion! Heyvi kabisa. Are you game Yes, Kion. I am your grandfather. Mufasa. I’ve heard a lot about you. And I’ve been watching you. You are about to embark on a great journey, Kion, leader of the Lion Guard! I’m not sure Dad’s gonna let me lead the Lion Guard. He’s worried that I can’t handle it. Kion. Simba is worried. But he’s worried because he loves you. Being leader of the Lion Guard will not always be easy. Then maybe Dad’s right. Maybe I’m not ready to lead. Or use the Roar. I’m not even sure I can control it! First, it’s super loud. Then it’s just a squeak. And I game I don’t want to end up like Scar. Don’t be afraid, Kion.