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This is Shaw. Go ahead. The HAARP’s online, but Ishi tells me we only got one run at this. Okay, excellent. Let me know when it’s ready. Stand by for my command to fire the transmitter. Sir, I want to voice my reservation on firing this thing. Duly noted, but we don’t have a choice. Do what you can to minimize adverse effect at the station. I want all hands on this. Yes, sir. Nichols is nearing her drop zone. The HAARP must be ready when the device is in place. I got you, sir. It will be ready. We’re leaving? We have to trigger this thing remotely. Didn’t Shaw say to sever all connection between the HAARP and Vestron control? How will we set it off without a direct link? If we set it up while we’re still connected, Vestron Games I know! We have to get everyone on severing all connections through the main facility and the HAARP transmitter, but we leave one line tethered for control. When we set it off, we disconnect. We shouldn’t have any blowback. Are you sure of that? No one’s used this thing in years. There’s no telling what would happen when we set it off. The magnitude of power emitted from this thing could have very real collateral damage to anyone nearby. Remote trigger is the only way to do this. She’s planted the device. We need to give her three minutes to get away from the blast radius. Is that enough time? Yes. The process isn’t instantaneous. Once we’ve triggered the HAARP, we bounce a beam of energy at the volcano. It takes a variable amount of time for the volcano to erupt. She’s going to be safe, right? There’s always a margin for error, but just get us there. She’ll be there. Vestron Station, this is Shaw on the Osprey. This is Caroline at Vestron. Go ahead. The device has been deployed and is in position. Are you ready to trigger the HAARP? All systems go on your command. Has Vestron been separated from the HAARP facility? Is everything with the rocket shielded? Not exactly. We’re running a line in for ignition to trigger the HAARP. I told you to isolate that facility. I know, and I was the first