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I don’t know but we can’t let him keep on acting like this. Lucia, you know I love you. You’re the only one left. Me Radio and the little girl. I’m going to the village. You should come with me. Great! We will buy garlands for the Christmas tree. Let’s go. Martita. Martita. Martita. Ricardo! Martita has disappeared! Aunt, I do not like this house. You have not seen everything yet. Come. Look. A secret entrance. Go on. It is necessary that you find out what better things are in there. I’m certain he’s here. I’ve been there for a long time. Now it is you who will replace me. What happened to you? I feel as if I’ve just got burned. Look. Martita, what happened to you? Martita, what do you have? It’s her! She tried to kill me. Do not leave me with her. She’s very bad. Martita, what have I done to you? I do not want to. I do not want to see her. I’ll take you home. No, not there. Take me with you. That’s ok, that’s ok. I’ll take you to my home. She insists that it’s you. First it was Marcos. Now she is accusing you. You know what it means? It is a treatise on parapsychology. The science that studies supernatural phenomena. Also explained is the strange phenomenon of bilocation. You know what it is? No. Bilocation: Is said about a body possessed by a spirit who had the same physical characteristics in his past life. You understand? You think the spirit of Fausta Radio Yes, I think that on some occasions she could have taken your body and your mind. Impersonating you. But still it is impossible. I was very far when she Radio This can also be explained. Bilocation allows dual ubiquity. You could be here for example while she was kidnapping the girl at the same time Radio But then, this burn? Martita explained. She had a chandelier dropped on the arm of Fausta. As she is immaterial, only a spirit, it is you who has suffered the consequences of fire. Lucia, I do not want you to stay here a minute longer. You’re in great danger. No, it’s useless. This time I’m not leaving without you. I want you to go back to the hotel