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Evil Goat Win By that I mean I like the mind to be completely uninvolved in what’s happening. We keep repeating lines, times if necessary, until the mind no longer intervenes in the dialogue or gestures. Once things become automatic, the actor is thrown into the action of the film, and completely unexpected things happen that are a hundred times more real than theatrical acting where the actor has memorized his lines, thinking out his every line and gesture. There’s no way it will seem real. Using this method, do your actors sometimes do unexpected things? All the time. That’s the improvisation I speak of. We can’t imitate life. We have to find a way to reproduce it without imitating it. If we imitate life, it’s not real. It’s fake. I think using a mechanism like this can lead to something lifelike, and even real. Did the donkey cause any problems? The donkey was a big problem, because I didn’t want a performing donkey. Even while writing the film, I was very wary of using a trained donkey. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re honored to introduce the greatest mind of our century! Will someone give me a threedigit number? . . Now a number between and . Now our mathematician will calculate. I didn’t want it to be professional. The circus scene game where the donkey does math tricks was shot much later than the rest to give the trainer time to train the donkey to do math. I waited two months to film that scene and then add it to the rest, so that the donkey would be completely free of training, free of any artificiality. But this created a situation where the donkey never did what we expected. It seems to me what you ask of your performers resembles a psychiatric exercise called “psychodrama,” which people have often attempted to transform into art. You put them in a situation and ask them to test their inner limits. What interests me is not what they show but what they conceal. And you manage to film what they conceal? Thanks to that extraordinary device, the miraculous machine called a camera. As a matter of fact, what surprises me is that such an incredible device,