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Give me a break. Leoni, blow out the candles or I’ll do it myself. Hurray! Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday. Very nice. Even I was touched. Were you? Wow! I am amazed. Please play for us, In the Moonlight? Oops! The flute broke. Fortunately, I have a spare. I do not play on other people’s. This is unhygienic. It is quite new. No one has used it before. Thank you. Jubilation. Thank you, that’s enough. Deceiver! With your permission, Mademoiselle Rato Games I propose a zero and to go to the corner. Of course, Monsieur Latouche. Ducobu, you get a zero. Kindly go to the corner. Right now. With your permission, it’s better like this. Ducobu, zero! To the corner! So impressive. I can not do it. I love children too much, to scold them. I also love children. But I scold with pleasure. Anyway bravo. I am impressed. How did you learn? Intuition. Yes, and I have considerable experience. Don’t take them off. They are clean. Do you like opera? Monsieur Latouche Games Yes? Can I go to the classroom and practice my multiplication? It is very noisy here. Yes, go. Thank you. My method is beginning to bear fruit. He realized that cheating won’t work, and has come to his senses. It is important to be convincing. And about opera I was a big fan, but unfortunately Games I can not afford it. Confiscation. So what’s up with you and Ducobu? Nothing. He’s interested in only one thing: Cheating. You exempted me from sport. If Ducobu can not go to the answers, the answers are going to Ducobu. Abracadabra! Come hence! Yes! Fly to me! How did you do that? This magic book has all the spells. If you want you can look. What, Gratin? Giving a copy to your neighbor? Wait Games Shut up. Now I understand why Ducobu got perfect scores. You are in league with him. No, I Games Enough! You both get zero! Go to the corner, both of you! She’s innocent. It’s my fault. I don’t want to hear it. You are both guilty. In the corner. In the corner! Ass Games Assess I’m not guilty! EVERYTHING FOR THE DUNCE That crook! I am in danger! I need the best of everything.