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ity J’ All these things you say to me J’ You just don’t understand Hey, Heinz. ed again, huh? I’m going to go get something to eat. Have fun in class? Frances. Hey. Don’t bother me. Gimme some potato chips, all right? .. What? That’s for five of ‘em, doll. cents apiece. Four on credit’s the limit. Frances. That’s my name. I don’t have it on me. Oh, please. Please what? I’m on a scholarship. The Elks lodge in Elliston pays my way. I see. Well, maybe you’d better tell your Grand Pooh-Bah to set up a snack fund. Milkshake or egg cream? Baker, I gotta talk to you. ‘d let me starve. I heard that. Frances. Watch it. Baker. Yeah, what? I gotta talk to you privately. Privately? You got dirt on your face. You gotta get the car. What? I left a lady out there with Murphy. What do you mean, “a lady”? What do I mean? A lady! What lady? Well, I don’t know what lady, Baker, but we need to go get her. We have to drive. Baker, gimme some money, I’m hungry. Hey, guys, want a chip? Hey, where’d you get those? Found them. Baker, please. All right, let’s go. You’ll go with me? Yeah, I just said “let’s go”. Where you going? Gimme those. What’s with them? I don’t know. Cooke, try to take it easy. We’ll find her. I know. What were you guys doing out here? We were cutting IFS. We were coming across the field and saw a horse. All saddled up but no one around. Murphy wanted to take off. I thought maybe the horse was lost or… All right, there’s Murphy. Over here! Come on! Hurry up! Let’s go. Look at her. Look at this. I told you. She moved while you were gone. What do you mean? What did you do? I didn’t do anything. I didn’t touch her. What happened to her? He”) me! Whoa. See? Man, I say we get the hell outta here. That’s brilliant, Murphy. Well, what do you suggest? I don’t know. I’m thinking. Miss? Ma’am, are you in there? HEY- Where’s my horse? We’re taking you to a doctor. No. No. Why not? I’m fine. I don’t think you’re fine. I don’t want to go to a… a doctor. What if something’s broken? Do you want us to drive you home? Where do you live? Do you live around here? Ma’am? Uh-oh. Oh,