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Well, to begin with Erase it all. Heavens! Jam! April fools day! You villains! You got me! All jokes aside now. Open your textbooks. And in silence! The worst is over. I, as usual, escaped with little blood. But from the most dangerous of all Nothing yet Games Caution. He pretends to be asleep. So he’s cooking something up. Hello, Monsieur Latouche. I’m Monsieur Poisson, the inspector Games Clever, Ducobu. But he laughs best who laughs last. I’ve come to inspect your work. Sure Games of course, Monsieur Poisson. Come, Monsieur Poisson. Welcome. Have a seat. Here, in the chair. Oh dear! Oh, a pin. What a stupid joke! Who is your best student? I’ll call him to the board. The best student in the class is definitely Games Ducobu. Rise, the inspector wants to ask you a question. This is our best student. Tell me what event is celebrated on November ? Thierry Henry against Ireland football match. Wonderful. What is the U.S. capital? Disneyland, Paris. This is your best student? Yes. Yes, but, you know, the overall average has dropped significantly. And you think that’s amusing? Yes! When I write this report you’ll not find it so! Really? Are you sure? What the Games Monsieur Latouche, is this how you behave with the inspector? Inspector? Latouche Games Latouche! Go to my office! You’re lucky: I managed to calm the inspector. He will try to forget everything. What’s the matter? Is there a problem? It’s Ducobu Games He arrives one day in my class Games and gradually, without you noticing Games he invades your mind Games and destroys everything. Don’t worry. With his grades it is unlikely that he will stay next year. Here you go. What is it? Sedative. You will soon take a field excursion. A green school. You have to be in shape. Which teacher will accompany you? I thought possibly Miss. Râteau. A Suggestion? One is missing. Should be Dubocu. Ducobu? Ducobu. Quiet! Ducobu! Ducobu Games A Games He’s crazy. Hey, The driver is a chickenshit , Pedal to the metal Do you want an Antidepressant? No, thanks, I’m fine. And I’ll have two..