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Farm Kaban Steeplechase My pleasure, Otis. I have troops taking up observation positions around the perimeter of the school Game And an assault force at a staging area five minutes away. Now, my orders are to assist you with observation and surveillance Game And plan a joint assault with your people. That’s it, Otis. Anything else would require specific orders from the president. I understand. Let’s hope we never need to ask. Is it armed? It is now. Oh, man! This is disgusting. They expect us to eat this? This is dog vomit. The school gets taken over by terrorists, and I’m still on pots and pans. Stop now. Please come outside. Anyone who leaves this building will be shot. We will take a head count now and again in the morning. If one person is missing, Five of you will be executed. If two are missing, ten will be shot. And so on. Tomorrow we will begin a head count every hour Game On the hour. If all goes well, you will be allowed out into the quad. But every hour on the hour, you must be in this room to be counted. Is that understood? Second. You have seen these orange wires running throughout this building and outside. These are wired to explosives. If any one of these wires is cut, the explosives will go off automatically. If any of the individual explosives are tampered with, they will explode! So Game Don’t touch the wires. Don’t touch the explosives. Ninetytwo. Over there! Over there! Stop! All right, all right. Just do as they say. Are you okay? Are you all right? What are you doing? Ow. Man, stop. Well, we managed to stay together anyway. Yeah, that’s my ambition in life to die with you guys. You’re the kid they call Yogurt, right? This is your room? I’m Derek, and he’s Ted, and yes, this is our room. Not anymore. Ah, here we go. Put that down! I guess some things never change. You have any sleeping bags, any blankets? No. Do you got any food around here, candy bars? You have any more magazines? No! This your plane, Yogurt? Yeah, I made it. You understand all this remote control stuff? Yes, I do. The thing the leader’s got wrapped around his wrist?