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Like Rick and Dave, the camera directors. Like, that’s a hard job. It is a hard job. Wait, what’s game Who’s playing in the background? Wait, is this? This is a band. ( GASPS) It’s like game It’s the greatest band in the history of the world, the Mountain Goats. So I can tell you as a director of a John film, if you should ever find yourself directing a John film, just find a place for the Mountain Goats early on and you can avoid being sent a Mountain Goat song every single day of your life while you direct the film, after you direct the film game I sent Jake a lot of Mountain Goat songs. The great thing about the Mountain Goats is, they have like , songs, so you don’t need to listen to another band, because the Mountain Goats have provided all of the music you’ll ever need. It’s like a never-ending advent calendar. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. No, I do actually really love this song, and I thought it fit the theme for the film really well, so I was thrilled when we found it, both because I liked it, and also because it meant that John wouldn’t murder me. ( LAUGHING) I was very mad that there were no Mountain Goat songs in The Fault In Our Stars, genuinely angry. And I kept sending more and more Mountain Goat songs to the director of that movie and Season Kent until finally they were like, “It’s not going to happen, John.” But I’m so, so glad that at last the greatest band in the history of the world is in a movie soundtrack for the adaptation of my book. Pretty cool. Pretty great. Yeah, and who knows maybe next time it will be in the actual film itself, not the credits and your cameo will be visual. There’s all kinds of game You got to leave a little room to go. Sure. You know, it’s showmanship. I have to give a special shout out from the credits to Reva, who is responsible for a lot of the craft services. As you know, Jake, I gained pounds on the set of the movie in just two months. It’s actually, I lost the pounds that you gained. Jake did not eat for two months. It was very strange to watch, and he just became paler and paler