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So, we’re in a mixed Games up version of , leagues under the sea! But how can the story exist without its main character? Don’t know. But that’s what we’re here to fix with the restart button. You thought you could escape from me? Run! No! Ohh! Huh? Yah! Oh! Very interesting. Hmm. Yes, very interesting! So what do you think, Professor? Here’s what I think Game Very interesting. Yes, we get that! So, do you have a solution to our very interesting problem. Or not? Which problem? Ah, the kids! Ze kids! We have to find away to get the kids back, Professor! Oh! I have so much going on, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Now, let’s start from the beginning. Was it the cork or the corkscrew? Aah! The kids, Professor. Oh, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I think I have an idea that just might work. It was about the time I invented the yell phone Game which is like a cell phone, except you have to shout into it. Never really took off. I don’t know why! But that has nothing to do with this. Oh! Now, before the Imaginasium. I made a prototype! I’m not sure if it still works. But like I always say, you have to have an open mind. As long as your brains don’t fall out. Because that can get very messy. Follow me! Ohh! This isn’t funny. You crazy freak! Enough is enough! Please, if you’ve got any shred of humanity. You just have to let us go! Oh, okay. No Games o! This is awesome! I can’t believe we’re under water! Whoa! It’s the lost city of Atlantis! This must be how Jules Verne imagined it. And, guess what? Whoo Games hoo Games hoo! With the air pressure down here, I don’t feel the least bit gassy. Hmm.Aah! Lucky for us these suits turn invisible. Hey! Do you know where everyone else is? Huh? Aristotle! Nicole! Yeah, that’s right. That’s exactly who I’m talking about. No! What I’m saying is, they’re right behind you! I’m behind them too. One hundred percent. No matter what. I’ve got their back! Just like you’re behind me. And I’m behind you.