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I didn’t expect to feel this much inspiration. Amazing. I worked with LEGO when I was a kid, but I always built things off the back of the packet, and I can’t believe that someone’s actually turned around and turned it into something from their imagination. This is something that is delightful and playful, and it’s something that can really spark the imagination in children and adults. NATHAN: We have had a few art critics walk through already, and of course I’m nervous to see what they say, but I think it’s almost a compliment just to have a serious art critic from some major newspapers in this country walking through. They were not dismissing it as just a toy display. It’s not just a gimmick. This was art. What do you guys think? I think it’s good. Yeah? Did you make that? I did, I made all of these. This type of exhibition is going to draw in folks who have never been to an art museum before in their life. And they’re coming because they have a familiarity with the toy. And if that opens them up to the art world for the first time, then I’ve done my job. LEGO Designer Jamie Berard is headed to BrickCon in Seattle to unveil his new Parisian Cafe set. But while he’s there, he’s got another mission. These are our happy boxes. Now, we don’t know what’s in this. He’s convinced his fellow designers to compete against the public in the master build contest. Okay, teams. These are the same products that will be given to LEGO fans at BrickCon in Seattle, Washington. And what we want to do is actually participate more in the event by doing the challenge they will be doing there, we’ll be doing it here. Welcome! Okay, you notice there are only stations. Pick a teammate and go sit down. BAS: I think it’s going to be a lot of fun at the BrickCon convention, because when you have a head-to-head with designers, of course you want to beat them. All right, so what do we got here? Okay, that’s cool. What is our angle going to be? The reason that you can see we have pig and cow heads, is because the theme for this year’s BrickCon is Pigs Versus Cows.