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Didn’t he know? It’s not just him. She’s got a doctor in every port. And you knew, this was going on again? I’m sorry about you and Bill. Me too, Barb. You think, it’s temporary or.. Who knows? We’ve been married a long time. Now what? DR. BURKE: The chemotherapy and radiation, coupled with the overuse of.. pain medications. Right.. and without the benefit of more thorough testing, an MRI or CT scan, I believe your mother is suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment. Mild Cognitive Impairment? Brain damage. It may be time to consider placing her in a long term care facility. I know i’d feel more comfortable If I know, she was receiving that level of supervision. And, where would you have us put her? A psychiatric hospital? Well, Beverly’s gone. Well, not so much as “gone” as “dead,” but I see your point. Legal guardianship, for you and your sisters, with my recommendation.. So you’re thinking, if the three of us cooperated with this, commitment endaround, we’d be less likely to sue your ass? I’m sorry? “Mild Cognitive Impairment?” Are you Game ing kidding me? All right? Know whose name is on these bottles? Do you? Your mother’s a very sick person. We’ve a whole bucket of these with your name on it. Evidence for the medical board. Let’s go. I thing we’re done. Pull the car over. We’ll be home in a minute. Pull the car over. I’m going to be sick. Mom. Mom? Mom?! Mom! Mom! Mom! Wait! Mom! What are you doing? Where the Game are you going? There’s no place to go. I’m sorry. Honey, please? No, it’s important I say this. I lost my temper at dinner and went too far. Barbara. The day, the funeral Game the pills. I was.. spoiling for a fight and you gave it to me. So Game truce? Truce. Yeah, sure. Now, what? How do you mean? Don’t you think you should consider going back to a rehab center? I can’t go through that again. I can do this. You’ve.. You took all my pills, right? All that we could find. Well Game I don’t have that many hiding places. Now..Mom, come on.