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Yeah, I can’t imagine why no one told that story. Well, he didn’t get invited back to anymore TU alumni dinners. I can tell you that. I don’t know much about poetry, but.. I thought his poems were extraordinary. And your reading was very fine. Thank you. Who are you? This is my fiance, Steve, you met him at the church. Steve Heidebrecht. Hidethewhat? Heidebrecht. Hideaburrr Game It’s German. Well, GermanIrish, really.. That’s peculiar, Karen, to bring a date to your father’s funeral. I know the poetry was good, but I really wouldn’t have considered it date material. He’s not a date, he’s my fiance. We’re getting married on New Years, in Miami, And, I would love it, if you can make it. I don’t really see that happening, do you? Steve. That right? Steve? Yes, ma’am. You ever been married before? Yes, ma’am, I have. More then once? Three times, actually, three times before this. You should pretty much have it down by now, then. Right, right.. I had that one pegged. Didn’t I? I mean, look at him, you can tell he’s been married. I went outside to show Steve the old fort and it’s torn down! That’s been gone for years. I was so sad! What is this now? Our old fort, where we used to play.. Cowboys and Indians. Daddy said rats were getting in there. Karen! Shame on you! Don’t you know not to say Cowboys and Indians? You played Cowboys and Native Americans, right Barb? What are you taking? What pills? Oh, Leave me alone. Uhoh! What is it? What is it? What’s the matter? You okay, Uncle Charles. UHOH! I got a big bite of fear! Fear never tasted so good. It’s pretty good once you get used to the taste. I’m shakin’ in my boots! I do catch her eating a cheeseburger every now and again. No, you don’t! Double cheeseburger, bacon, extra fear. Mom, you are such a liar! No stop. You are! Y’know, if I ever called my mother a liar? She would’ve knocked my goddamn head off my shoulders. You girls know there’s a will. Mom Game We took care of it some time back. We don’t want to talk about it.