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United Europe’ never happens. NEVER! Pardon. And protect my family, please. Amen. Oh yeah. Lord, I beg you, let my sister finally find a husband. A nice Belgian. A home boy. Hm? I couldn’t be happier this year. You realize it’s our first time out in public? I’m so happy. Me, too. Wait here, I’ll check inside. If I’m not back in minutes, join me, OK? Check what? That the coast is clear. No, Mathias. No! Mathias mins. No. Mathias! Mademoiselle, merci. Good evening, Monsieur. For M. Ducatel. If you’ll follow me. S’il vous plaît, Monsieur. Mathias! Mathias! Mathias Ducatel! You-hoo! Mathias! -This is good news, see? game Jacques. Hey, so, we had the same idea. How are you? Relax, don’t tell my wife you saw me, and I’ll be discreet too. Nice of you, thanks. Not ‘nice’, just natural. It works both ways. Got another table? But you reserved a romantic table. This one’s much more romantic. You’ll be alone? Leave it! I didn’t get a romantic table to eat alone! And there she is. Darling, what are you doing? I prefer separate tables, in case you run into someone you know. Stop it, Louise. Come sit here. OK, here are the menus. Sort it out, THEN, call me, huh? Oh, what courage! I’m impressed. Sorry I left you in the car. It was lame. You always do things halfway. You make a decision but won’t assume responsibility. No, I’m assuming it Oh yeah? Prove it. Darling, what is this? Louise Vandevoorde, will you be the woman of my life? Oh my God. Tying your shoelace? No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. Well? You asked my father? No. My brother? No! So what’ll we do, Mathias? We elope. Not without my family. You’re , you can’t let your family decide for you. That’s not it. What, then? I won’t run away from Belgium, much less, my family. All right, I’ll ask your father. So, is it yes or no? Hm? Yes. Yes, about game ? Yes? Yes! I love you. I love you, too. Won’t Ruben Vandevoorde be thrilled? What happened? I heard a noise. What’s with you? There’s someone! What? A Frenchman! You heard a noise, not a Frenchman; a noise. A French noise. Fast Adventure Lost At Sea, Fast Adventure Lost At Sea Games, Play Fast Adventure Lost At Sea Games