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No. No. l can’t go to the police. l picked up the gun. lt has my fingerprints. They’ll think– they’ll think l killed him. No. They have ways to tell if you didn’t fire the gun. l won’t go to the police. This is no good. You can’t help me. No one can. Wait. Wait. Let me try. l am afraid. l know you are. But trust me. Please. Padre. what is your name? Pace. Father Michael Pace. Be outside the cathedral tonight. At nine. But if you bring the police– l won’t. l give you my word. Until nine. Bless me. Father. for l have sinned. My last confession was a week ago. Since then l have committed the following sins games Are you the Padre? lnside. Where is she? Waiting. There’s no police. With respect. Padre. l think l’ll find out for myself. Yeah. What’s her name? You don’t know? No. Angela. Angela what? You look more like a cop than a Padre. That don’t prove shit. Well. what do you want me to do? l don’t know. Something. Will that do? Three months ago games our youngest nino Antonio catch the flu. He died. M y w fco gcocos cocco She can’t take it. We hardly know Angela then. She’s just this cute kid who moved in next door. That kid took care of my Rosa games my n nos Without her. l think they all die. Through that door. No thanks. Padre. Light a candle for my Antonio. You’re soaked. Would you like to dry off by the stove? Would you like a drink. Padre? Pardon me? Um. l think Luis has some tequila here games somewhere. Luis? Luis De Vega. This is his studio. Luis and l. we grew up together on the same ranch in the Yucatan. First painting he ever sold was of me. An American tourist bought it in Tlachco for $. To us. it was a fortune. l think that’s why he still paints me. You’re a model? Only for Luis. l’m a dancer. W oest S dee Story at t nco mcomcont Oh. Salud. This. um. Luis games is he your lover too? l’m sorry. Angela. but if you want me to help you. l’m gonna have to ask some unpleasant questions. l met Geno two years ago games when l was a dancer at the Suntel Resort in Cancun. My friends told me it was a bad idea to date the boss games