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I don’t know. Krupp looks serious this time, George. Maybe we should just lay low for a while. Lay low? Look at our fellow children. Look upon their sad, miserable, pathetic faces. Come on, Harold. If you won’t do it for me and you won’t do it for you do it for future generations. Save the first graders the kindygarteners, the unborn from a life of eternal boredom! Okay, let’s do this. Feast your eyes on this. The Turbo Toilet ! Check it out, people. It’s already programmed with my personal potty playlist. Screwdriver. Oh, samba! Once you’re done using the facilities hit the button and let my toilet wash itself. Now included, automatic toilet paper wiping claw. Trademark. Um I said no! Huh? Oh Melvin, turn that thing off. I’m trying to, but it’s not cooperating. Best. Prank. Ever. Well, that brings our story to its happy conclusion. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the film. It was certainly shorter than we expected. What more is there to say? Our fellow students got to enjoy their weekend. Which, by the way, they are legally entitled to.