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My needs are worthwhile. I’m not hurting anyone by being myself. Uh, uh Games I want to be supportive, an’ all, but is this mantra much longer? BLEEPING Oh, man! What is it again? Well, why don’t you try Stacy’s phone number. Will you just give it a rest, all right? You’re like the Terminator of sarcasm. I drove you here, in my car, and you’ve been treating me like I’m just a bag of wet diapers that you have to lug around. Well, that actually sounds less shitty than whatever we’ve got going on now. Oh, wow! You know, I thought that you were a cool guy back at the bar, but now I find out you’re some spoiled pretty boy. Excuse me, “pretty boy”? I have a very masculine set of features, okay? If anything, my look is “burnished rugged”. Nobody who is that says that! I do. Your hair has not moved this entire time! It’s thick, it requires maintenance. You have no idea! You haven’t taken a shower since yesterday and yet you still smell like sandalwood and lilac! Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to distract you from being the weirdest person in the world! Uh! GUNSHOT God, Chaz! Did you change the gate code? Depends. How do I know you’re not Games one of them? Because I’m speaking in words. What about her? Gimme a break, Chaz! Hi, I’m Deb. GUNSHOT Will you knock it off? You’re Ryan’s big brother? You’re so Games different. Thanks. We think he’s adopted. Oh, that never gets old. Can we please come in? We’ve had really a long day. So, wait, excuse me, wait. What are you? Are you the rebound? Oh, busted! How did you know, dude? You’re probably an uncle now. CHAZ LAUGHS No! I knew it! No, no, that’s not Games Stacy’s here, right? Oh! She told me all about your big breakup, stud. Looks like you didn’t waste much time moving on now, did you? No, that’s not Games We’re just helping each other. I’m sure you are. Huh! GUNSHOT Deb, I’m Chaz. Clearly the more masculine of the two Waverly brothers. SHE LAUGHS Good shot. I aim to please. RYAN: Okay! Open the gate! You need the code, man. Okay. Do you want it? Yes! Okay, it’s five, eight,