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Fast Bike Jungle Hyun Woo, are you feeling uncomfortable now? No, it’s alright.l With you here it is I who feel uncomfortable Please go out.l Yes?l You can go out first If you’re like this, what about me?l You think only about yourself, Is Ms Hyun Woo’s feeling unimportant?l Why, do you like her? Please stop this The most important thing in making a weather forecast is speed and accuracy Deliver it with a sincere feeling Not with your face, but with your heart Heart More of that. Wait..Doest it hurts? Give out more game More.. breathe deeper, let it out, let it out more Breathe, once more Oppa, I’ve calmed down now.l Oh right, that’s the best Let’s just sleep for now. You’d think over about it later, OK? I guess so. Even that we met in a bar, I don’t want to look down on you. Do you know what I mean? You don’t? Pick up the phone! You really are a gentleman. I’m so impressed Looked at me, but not getting into other motives, you are the first.l Am I? Can you help me out some other times?l Next time, I’ll go off first Bye. See you later.l Yes Hyun Woo, wake up, Hyun Woo. Don’t sleep here, let’s go home Where have you been? Why just get here now? You’ve drunk again. Come, clean this up, and go home I’m not drunk. I’m the Weather Goddess Kim Hyun Woo. I don’t want to go home I want to drink all of this, then I’ll go home When else can I even drink this all? OK, let’s bring this home and drink more A glass. Please, teacher, just one glass.l Give it to me OK? Let’s go Kang Joon Soo, hurry up I’ve said don’t come to this place. You know that I don’t like this place.l It’s good then So refreshing.l It’s cold Hurry, faster.l Alright Looking at the mirror?l Why is that each of his words are so poetics? I want to take notes of Mr. Lee Dong Jin’s words.l What’s that? Don’t speak such nonsense Are you this stupid? What he meant was if you’re looking at the other side, your real self is then reflected. I’ve told you we’re better be at home today Hurry! Together with me! You were quite cool yesterday. I give this for you, today.l Why? You