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can keep away from these. You get through? No. No use waiting around here. We’re going on the trip, just as we planned. The trip? Is that all you can think of? I’m thinking of staying alive. If you’re trying to frighten me, you’re wasting time. I’m already frightened. That’s a safe way to be. Rick, unlock the car. Look, sweetheart, two and two doesn’t make four anymore. At the moment, it adds up to exactly nothing. For the next few weeks survival’s going to have to be on an individual basis. At the moment, we have to have food Radios a way to protect it, and a way to get more when it’s gone. What do you want to do? Write off the rest of the world? When civilization gets civilized again, I’ll rejoin. It’s still here. Ann, you said civilization was still here. Well, keep your eye on it. Watch it unwind to a small hard core. Then someone is going to start putting it back together. I want that someone to be us. Is that wrong? Is that immoral? We better stock in some more food. Our best plan is to find some small, out of the way market, where they’re not sure what’s happened. The towns along the main road will all know. There’s a turn-off ahead. We’ll try that one. What do you want? I’d like to buy some groceries. Business starts at :, stops at :. And it ain’t : yet. What do you gross between : and 😕 $, maybe. How would you like to make that in half an hour? Oh, come in. You name it, I’ll tell you why I ain’t got it. You’re pretty chipper today. I don’t get customers like you every day. Are you ready to deal? Ready as a crouched cat. Fine. Well, give us a bag of flour. Make that two bags. Big ones. Couple of pounds of baking soda. Are you starting a bakery? Yeah, a bakery. You got any cartons to put this stuff in? Yeah, right over there. Kids, get those cartons, will you? I think we’ll need about pounds of coffee. You can have what’s left. We’ll take them. No, Karen, no liquids. Get half a dozen jars of honey and plenty of candy bars. We need a big bag of dried beans. Stop, Rick. No eggs, too hard to store. Get some canned fruit.