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It’s what Bill gave to Mario. It’s what he was going to use to pay the money back. Narcotics? No. It’s microfilm, blueprints. I’m not sure but, I think they might be military secrets. Oh no. It’s not possible. Shelly, it is. What are you going to do with them? Me? Nothing. The decision is yours. Mine? That’s right. You think I’m happy that I’m the one who had to find out about it? DO You’? I was just helping to find a guy for somebody. I didn’t know it would turn out like this. I don’t care what you do with it. Burn it, give it to the police. It’s yours. Dominick. Then it wasn’t just for a story after all? No Shelly. It wasn’t. Seignior Sherman. Hey, Seignior Sherman. Huh? I’m Sgt. Primori. Baudi told me to protect you, but you got away. You feeling any better Sherman? Fine. At least I’m getting used to it. Who was m? Who did all this? I wish I knew. Whoever he was, he didn’t find what he was after. And there’s only one other place to look. Come on let’s go. Come on. (Door Opening) (Car pulling up outside) (Doorbell and knocking on door) (Shooting lock on door) (Gunshot) (Gunshot) Shelly? Shelly? Shelly. Dominick. Take it easy. It’s all right, it’s all right. Take it easy. Take it easy now. Everything’s going to be all right. You’re completely worn out Shelly. Why don’t you let me stay with Bill tonight. You’ve got to get some rest. Oh thank you. I’ll be all right. It’s been a perfectly terrible experience for you these last few days. You have to start worrying about yourself. May we? Oh come in. Shelly, how is he today? It’s good news, thank heaven. Yes, the operation was a success. It will take some time, but Mr. North is going to recover completely. Thank you doctor. And now I must run along. Shelly. What did you do with the microfilm? I had no choice. I burned it. Here. These flower will make the room brighter. Lorena, I want you to meet Richard Sherman, and Erika Tiller. How do you do? Lorena Borelli. Did the doctor have anything else to report? He’s doing fine. I’m very happy for you that Bill is doing all right.