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Why are you sad, little brother? I miss my family. But you’re with your father. The rest of my family. I don’t think he is your father. Yes he is. Perhaps we should take you back with us. My father would find out the truth. It would do you no good. I know one thing game you are indeed a proud and brave warrior. The boy confessed game you are not his father. Stupid boy! I might have known. People don’t enter the Dead Lands unless they have to. Unless they are very desperate. Why are you here then? Our own lands are empty of birds. You should try eating less. And what is it you want here game warrior? Who are you? Tell me. Tell me who it is I’m touching. So much pain this body has seen. Has it seen many noble deeds game great warrior? Keep going game and I may yet tell you my name. You bear the mark of the dead tribe. Don’t touch me! Yes. Your tribe will be no more. You will disappear like mist. Come then, monster game if it is death you want. Don’t! Please! You should not have come here. Why? Why would you do this? What are you, a demon? Are you even a man at all? She would have told them. What? That I exist. They would know I am but a man game and come to take my lands. I know who you are game why do you not kill me? I told you boy game I told you. I was not honourable, I told you! I said we should go! This is your fault. Liar! Careful, boy. You’re an animal! Not noble enough for you? Not like you are. My father taught me honour. You should restore your own. And where is your father now? Where your people are. You want to know about honour, boy? My father asked me game to slay my whole family. My wife game my children. As repayment to an enemy. I did it, to honour him game and my tribe. But the world is not honourable, boy. Did the betrayal of your father teach you nothing? Do you hear me? There is no nobility, just politics. So game I killed everybody else, too. I killed them all game in the night. While they slept. That is why people fear me. The monster who killed his own tribe. Do you hear me? Do you hear? I admit it!