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didn’t they? Looks like it. What do we do now? Nothing. Don’t you think Radios I don’t think anything right now. Let’s get back to the Johnsons. They’re waiting for us. I know where there’s some food. Lots of it. Mama! Come on, let’s get out of here! Mother. Baby. Don’t talk. It’s all right. Baby, it’s all right. Sweetheart, don’t cry. It’s all right. It’s all right, darling. What happened? She wandered away from camp. There were two men. Did they hurt her? I’m sorry, Daddy. That’s all right, baby. Ann, come here. All right. Tell me. I saw them. Who? You saw who? The boys we had trouble with down the road. The two younger ones. I’m going with you, Dad. Harry! No! Don’t cry, baby. It’s all right, darling. Now, look, we follow these rocks on down. We’ll come up from the side. There’s enough stuff to give us plenty of cover till we get up close. All right, let’s go. Now, I’m gonna move in. You keep me covered and watch those windows. When I give you the signal, you come running. When I get up on the porch, you come after me. I wouldn’t say anything to Carl about that chick. If he found out we went out on our own, he might flip out or something. He likes to pull that trigger, don’t he? For kicks. Like those people in the trailer. Don’t you think we ought to take a walk on him? Maybe someday. Bet we could do all right on our own. Maybe better. That girl asking us if we wanted food. What’s the problem? Put it down. Easy. Now, no one did anything to you. Why don’t you just put down the gun? Just relax. Okay. Now, easy. How many men live here? Answer me! How many? Three. Sometimes more. What’s the name of the oldest one? Carl. The others are Mickey and Andy. Where is Carl now? I don’t know. He comes and goes when he wants. How did you get here? I lived here. They killed my mother and father. What’s your name? Hayes. Marilyn Hayes. Put on some clothes and get out. Dad. All right, we’ll take you with us. Don’t touch me. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt you. If you come with us, my mother and sister will take care of you.