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What I mean is that I’m not here to judge you. I don’t care why you’re here. That’s the law’s job. Mine is keeping order here. Margaux! How are you, sir? Fine, thank you. Karine, could you bring me Miss Amari’s file? Right away. Your daughter’s here! Don’t forget to pull. How are you, sweetie? Having fun? You sitting in my seat? Sorry, honey, I didn’t seethe time. I’m yours in two minutes. Show me your drawing. Very pretty. That’s us in a few days. Karine, could you ask them to turn the heat down? Should I close the door? Yes. Just push. I have no problem with your daughter. She has good grades in all subjects and she’s sharp. But I think you should talk to her. Because? Her classmates make fun of her. Having both parents in jail isn’t usual. Excuse me? Other parents are wondering. About what? We work in prisons. We’re not “in” prison. We’re civil servants like you. What the hell? Calm down. That’s not what I meant. Why should I calm down? That’s exactly what you meant. You should be proud instead of criticizing my daughter.