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I know, I’m hustling. I just gotta, okay. What? Nothing. It’s not good? No, it’s great. You look beautiful. Thanks. You’re welcome. You don’t look too bad yourself. You think, though, it’s too heteronormative? It’s so gendered, it’s like, should we swap outfits? God no. Especially in this clay and age, you don’t wanna be like, well I don’t wanna wear a dress. I’m the man, and I’m the woman. Don’t make me wear a dress tonight, please. Okay. Do you think it’s too on-the-nose that we’re making Dave dress like a baby? I don’t think that’s the problem. No, I think that drives it home. It’s very, I think it’s subtle. Okay, it’s go time. Do you have everything? I have picks and Your wallet? My wallet and keys. Coming, Dave. Hey buddy. What, where’s your onesie? I thought you were Dave the Baby Drummer. I’m turning over my sticks. What? What is this? I can’t make it to the open mic tonight. Or, really, any night. I have to quit the band. Why? What are you talking about? What? I thought it would be really great to get to know you guys, and for you guys to get to know me. You wouldn’t think this, but aside from Crystal and Candra, I don’t have too many friends. Right. Really? Yeah, that is surprising. When my parents got divorced, it was really hard on me as a kid. And I think that’s where my ual addiction started. Okay. Do you understand what I’m saying? So, I’m reliving it. Day after day. You can’t stop fighting. I mean, I spent my whole childhood trying to save my parents’ marriage. I don’t wanna spend my adulthood trying to save yours. I’m really sorry. I can’t do the show. I’m sorry. It’s gonna be a great show anyway. Is this for real. Dave, these are your sticks. d I feel it d It feels so good to be home man, I cannot believe it. I know, it’s so crazy. We need Dave. We can’t do this. Whoa, tiger. Slow down. Ah . Grace gave me some sort of muscle relaxants, but I don’t feel them at all. Like, they are not working. Muscle, what are you doing taking muscle relaxants? I don’t know. You barely have any muscles. I needed to calm down.