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He is a demon! Lord game you have been compromised! Let’s go! Cowards! Hunt what’s in front of you, eh? You can’t kill me game I’m dead already. Am I not? Leave me be! What is it? They are judging me- They cannot. They are my ancestors. They judge me. Am I not dead? You will live. What is it, boy? Why didn’t you tell me game these were your tribe’s lands? What is it to you? What does it matter at all? They’re all gone. They are your ancestors game you should honour them. You know nothing. You are the last of your people. Then we are the same, eh? All I want is Wirepa. We need to do something. Like what? We can’t catch them now. We are surrounded by your ancestors. They will slow Wirepa down. I won’t. You will. I’m not eating those. Yes you are. You will talk to your ancestors. Ask them to slow Wirepa down. Why don’t you then game if it’s such a good idea. This is your land. These are your ancestors. Why are you afraid? They will not speak to me. If Wirepa gets away game he will have beaten you as well as me. What difference game does it make to you game dead things? They moan, our ancestors game they call to us. The dead are calling game pleading for revenge, and we heed them. Where are you going, you two? Will they help us? They already have. We have angered the ancestors of this place game they are punishing us for coming here. Your fear will not stop my glory. Do you hear me? He truly is a demon. He is glorious! You don’t deserve to fight him. Faster. Cursed, are we? And yet the ground opens up to hide us. Mother earth is alive! Where are you going, you two? We were travelling with companions game but became lost. You might have seen them? We’ve seen no one. You’re hurt. My father fell game but I nursed him back to health. I welcome you, little brother game to share our camp for the night. Thank you, we will. He doesn’t talk much does he, your father? What are you doing? We should kill them. I’ve no argument with them. Then we should leave. I thought you wanted to find Wirepa. What does it matter to you? You said to carry on was hopeless.