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cords, then, the sweet things within, those sweet and soft things Radio If I were still a pickpocket I’d slip my hand inside Radio Miss, are you truly going to marry your uncle? That’s what he raised me for, knowing he’d need my fortune. There’s a famous collector in France. He’ll be putting his entire library up for auction. The gold mine’s proceeds won’t cover the cost. If it were me, I’d sell books to buy gold, not the opposite. For now, the Lady needn’t go read to the sick who wants to marry his wife’s niece. Instead the fake Count goes to the Library to make fake books. The Lady waits for her o’clock art class, and waits Radio Poor girl, losing her heart to a fake. Please, Count! Sorry to be late. It’s no matter. Maybe I need more practice to give it dimensionality? Dimensionality Radio perhaps. Nonetheless, you have a vision that transcends mere skill. As if you see directly into an object’s essence. For example, the fact that this peach contains a lot of water. I hesitate to stand before you, for fear that you might read my thoughts. That’s enough for today. Almost fully ripe. Already? Damn Radio Do you know what? Since the Count arrived, your cheeks have grown flushed. Have they? How did your mum die? When I was a baby, at a big house, she was hanged Radio I mean, she hanged Radio Hanged herself? Like my aunt. Well, pretty much. Still, while alive she hugged you a lot? My mother died giving birth to me. So it’s as if I strangled her myself. I wish I’d never been born. No baby is ever guilty of being born. If your mother thought you could understand this is what she’d have said. That she was so lucky to have you before dying. That she had no regrets. Did my mum cry before they hanged her? Your mother stole a thousand times, was caught just once, and died once. Did she cry? She laughed. Said she was lucky to have you before dying. That she had no regrets. Wait here a moment, Miss. I’ll go pick mushrooms. We’ll have mushroom stew tonight, you like that. I’ll go with you. I’ll be quick. Before it rains. Good girl