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Hey. Patty. What? Come here. Meet someone. Who? Come on. Bud, this is Patty. Patty, Bud Valentine. Bud Valentine? You know, there’s a pitcher named Bud Valentine. He pitches for Pittsburgh. That’s him. It’s him. That’s you? Yes, ma’am. How nice for you. I’m dating a guy who’s a big baseball fan. That’s how I know your name. If he’s dating you, he’s a lucky guy. Aren’t you sweet? Ls he here? No, he isn’t. Sorry. Are you all right? Yeah, I’m fine. Ow! Watch it! Marco. Get over here. Keep your hand here and don’t move it. Don’t let anyone touch this door. How come? You’re playing a role, dude. Enjoy it. Wait! Baker! What do you mean? What if somebody has to go in? Where is she? Where’s who? Where’s who? I love that. She left. You’re lying. Maybe she’s in the bathroom. Yeah, right. Go look. Let’s look outside. She’s not outside. We’re looking outside. Fine. I don’t care. J’ I’m begging YOU”- What happened? I grabbed the shelf. Are you all right? I don’t think so. Cooke, she needs a blanket. Your shirt is soaked. We should get something dry on you. Baker. What should I do? Go get me a shirt from my room. Hello? What? Did you hear me? Huh? Go get me a shirt. Cooke, is there anyone out there? I don’t think so. Are you OK? Yeah. I’m OK. Are you still cold? No, I’m hot. What are you doing? I feel too hot now. What the hell’s goin‘ on in here? , Cooke! Uh-oh! Sorry. Baker! Open the door! Let us in! Will you shut up out there? What?! Candygram. Hey, guys, the bathroom’s trashed. How come the bathroom’s trashed? Hey, Baker, the bathroom’s trashed. I hate it here. I hate it here. I hate it here so much. What? You want me? Looking for me? Who is she, asshole? Who is who? Wait! What are you guys talking about? Where’d she come from? You gotta tell us. Baker, you don’t have a choice. Are you threatening me? Don’t threaten me. Well, don’t try and hide things from us. Why not? Who are you? I’m your best friend. I deserve to know who she is. You’re my best friend? Baker. Dude, listen. Dude, I’m telling you, it’s too much for you to handle.