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My name.too long Short? Kris Lee, okay? Oh, okay! Kris Lee. Nice name. My name is Krishna.Krishna Mehra. Krishna? lndia? Yes, lndia l work here in the Great Bombay Circus Must come, okay? Okay. Sunday, Okay? Sunday, okay. Ten days will go by in no time. Tell me how are you finding it there? lts very nice, Grandma. There are a lot of high rise buildings here. And my apartment is on the th floor. And l’m talking to you from the balcony right now. Ok, ok, take care of yourself. And give my love and blessings to Priya. Just imagine! That’s the name of our new show. Can you imagine a human being climbing a tree fasterthan a monkey? No. isn’t it? Well after watching our show today. You won’t just imagine, but also believe that is possible. Get set then! On one end is the world famous orangutan Mao. who in a blink, will climb this pole. And on the other side is lndian superboy Krishna! What’s happening here, Priya? What happened? You brought me here to watch a shoot! True. But then l thought if you can watch a shoot, you can even perform in it! But how can l climb the pole fasterthan Mao? Like you climbed the mountain! The zigzag manner.remember? But what if l lose to Mao? l’m sure you won’t. But what if l do? well. l’ll marry Mao then. No! l’ll never let that happen. So do it please! lt’ll be great fun. Fun it will be. Sir we’re ready Ready is it? Chao, is Mao ready? Ready Krishna.Ready? Priya, there’s just a pole’s distance between us and our success! Not a pole, it’s just a moment. Stupid! Taking Roll camera Action Cut! What the hell is this? Boss, it’s all about brotherhood Shut up! Sorry, Sir Come on Mao, come on Roll camera. Action Cut! You stupid ape! l’ve paid a lot of money foryou, okay? And l’m tired of you monkeying around You don’t get your act together; you’re out of my show. Okay? l’ve straightened a lot of these smart alecs Roll camera! Action. Where is the fish? Cut! Roll camera! Action. l’m not going to the circus with you. Strange! Why vent your anger against Mao, on me? How can l help it if he refused to climb the pole?