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Whew! God, this has just gotten silly, hasn’t it? I mean, look at me. I sleep in my freezing car all night, just with the hope that I’d be able to see you game To apologize to you. Anyway, I’ve been acting childish, and-and-and-and that’s all I wanted to say. All right? Really, that- that’s it. I’m, uh, I’m- I’m done. Do you think you- you might attempt to accept my weird apology? Sure. Ye ? Ye . Great. Okay. I feel better. So I guess it’s- Good eve, m’lady. All right. Caleb. Ye ? I’m locked out. Do you know of another way in the house? Yes. Ye , ye , ye . I, um- there’s an old trick. I’m sure I could still do it. It’s around the corner here. It’s right down these steps over here. Well, you’re not exactly in perfect garb for this. How-how about I go in first, and I’ll just- I’ll pull you in? Okay. Ye . I don’t ever want to see you again. Do you understand me? Ever. Okay. All right. What the is this? I think I may have to quit, Rocky. I’m not a good person. Well, I know that, but don’t you think we could choose something a little less dramatic than this to get the point across? I’m gonna take the rest of the day off. Jesus, you’re a piece of work. If you have to fire me, well, that’s okay. Thank you. You’re welcome. You all right, Caleb? I’ve never seen you throw a hammer like that. Have you ed your brother’s girlfriend yet? No. But I want to very, very badly. Very badly. Then what are you so bent out of shape about? I want to tons of chicks. in’ assholes. You want to tons of game you! You know you want it. Oh, ye , she wants it. She does. J.T., excuse me a minute. Let’s see here. Ye . That’s what I wanted. Oh, hey, bros. Hey, listen, I have a quick question. Do you guys like listening to ty music while you’re butt-ing or after? Get him, you ers! Well, she’s leaving tomorrow. I’ll probably never see her again, so thank in’ Christ. I just wish I could get over this strange compulsion to protect Peter, you know? Because- and the only way I know how to do that is to- to hurt him. When I was a kid,