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This one? Yes. Hurry, we’re running late. Boukara! Did you see the guard who thinks she’s Beyoncé? Hey, it’s the minister! Let’s see. Check out the warden with the minister. Can I see? Wait a sec! Come on, move it. We’re starting. What’re you doing? Are you crazy? It looks good like that. That’s Pilar. Stay clear of her, she’s mental. Hurry up, Anna, you’re on. You asked to see me? Go on, I’m listening. Can I keep my job in the kitchen after my trial? The hearing’s in Paris so I’ll be transferred to Fleury Prison. When is your trial? April. In four months? That leaves us time to find a solution. I’m afraid they’ll replace me. I understand. But they need to cook while you’re gone. I can’t promise anything, it depends on the other girls’ postings. We’ll see in April. Isn’t the trial what worries you? It’s exhausting, you know. You leave early, come back late. Body searches every day I know. How much time will I get? That’s not my job. You know who I am. Yes. A little. And? And what? What do you think of me? Not much.