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all who is this Krrish? Listen carefully, our priority at the moment is Krrish. Only Krrish! Get that? Krrish’s identity. Our channel should be the first to reveal him! Do you get that? Our channel must be the first one to unmask this masked Krrish! Get it? Stop nodding and leave! Go, get him! Go, go! Where are the two of you going? To look for Krrish. Ah, forget Krrish. And look for a new job. New job.? You both are fired. What? You better go back to lndia. and enjoy your Krishna’s flute playing. Don’t waste yourtime, Go, go! Out! Thanks to Krishna we’re jobless. Now what do we do? Honey, l think Krrish is none other than our own Krishna. What? Yes, Honey! At the circus, l saw Krrish from such a close distance. l have a strong feeling that Krishna is Krrish. So why didn’t you tell this to boss at the meeting? Because l wasn’t sure, l need to confirm it first. Confirm? How? Listen, l have an idea. Honey, these guys.? Priya! l’ve hired some actors. But l’m a bit late. l’ll be there soon. What? So who are these guys? Oh my God! Help! This is now mine.bye! l’m so sorry, Krishna. l’m so sorry. l thought you were Krrish and planned my own kidnapping. But then, real goons turned up instead of the hired ones. Real goons? But why didn’t you hit back? Why did you quietly take their beating? l wanted to see. whether it hurts you to see me in pain. lt does. Where’s your ring? Maybe they’ve. Who’s he? Why’s he here? l think he’s the masked man. Masked man? Get him. l’m sorry, sorry. My friend Krrish! l’ll tell everyone, l’ll tell my sister. No, Kristian. Don’t tell anyone. Why? You become famous! You’ll get the reward. Here, Kristian. You become Krrish. Take it. Get the money foryour sister. Make her legs good again. Take it! No, it’s yours. You are the hero. Every human being who fights for a good cause is a hero, Kristian. You. are fighting foryour sister. You are a hero. The biggest news of today! Superhero Krrish has revealed his identity to the media. and the broken piece of the mask fitting his mask has confirmed his identity Here today,