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Are you Telugu? Oh no, how did you make out? I can say manufacturing by seeing the human and country by color You are just amazing, if you do not mind can you click some of our pics in this background? Lovers? Should looks so, after seeing these photos they should feel lovers should be so. I do not know what you do. But I know what I will do..I have clear view.. Wow, what a confidence. You will see my confidence in photography also.Click, click! Keeping this hand around the neck and folding the leg in the middle One Click.. Holding stretched so is another click… That is also Click This is new Click.. This is love Click. Now, you place the hand on the back of that girl. That will not be seen in the photo I know that. But when the hand is placed,vibrations start in body and come over the face. I will catch them. Enough of what is done. Chai, you send those photos and I will go into the museum. Thank you. It is ok Superb, I am liking myself. What a framing? What is your name boss? Seenu Why are you looking so down to earth having so much talent boss? Talent is ok, but time is bad.Say what to do? Seenu sir, life is not a mp player but FM. One should enjoy which ever song is playing. I got booked going late to airport enjoying the songs so. What power is in that song What happened? Guest of my Boss came in the morning from India. I went late by minutes to airport. By then no idea with whom, but she is gone. I lied to have received her. Here, that fellow What is the name of your Boss Mr Seenu? KN Rao… Kantipudi Nageswara Rao..Museum incharge. Luckily I got this fellow. I shall use this idiot completely and some how take back Meera. Hey!What? Are you the Seenu, assistant of Mr KN Rao? Is KNR any NTR or ANR? You and your boss are as famous as they are out there When did we get so famous without our knowledge? You do not know your greatness. My life now is in your hands. You should do me a help. I just clicked the photos and what more now? I and that girl are in love.I said that one right? Our marriage is in one week and a thunder fell on her house in the meantime. It is horrible. When I asked her to stay in my house,she is questioning how can she be without the marriage? It’s natural If you say that, she would come and stay without any questions. Is it possible? You just say like you are the assistant of KN Rao,Seenu saying and stay for a week at his home. I will myself agree you as a waste fellow if she says no. Do you say there would be so much power to my word? You just be here and I will prove what your power is. Mr KN Rao is not found even here. What if we did not get him, we got his assistant Seenu. The one who just clicked our photos is him. Is it? But there is a small problem.Not small, but a big problem. What is it? Thunder fell on the house of KN Rao and got burnt. What addresses will the thunders have?They fall anywhere. Mr KN Rao, who thought to give you accommodation,is now suffering with no accommodation. Oh no! Yes, poor fellow I will do Sorry sir I should actually say you sorry I did not expect this