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The old me, Ben? The old me was young and naive. The old you was happy. I am happy. You’re weeping. I’m heartbroken. Am I not allowed to have feelings? It’s just, it’s too, it’s crazy. What is crazy? . Don’t walk away from me in the middle of a talk. What is so crazy? How do you decide which feeling you’re gonna go with when they’re so close together, all these feelings So pive-aggressive. That it must be really difficult You know what, Ben. To decide, no, this is Maybe What I’m feeling right now. I’m having feelings for the both of us, since you don’t seem to have any! Like, where are you? You haven’t cried once since our miscarriage. You haven’t felt anything with me. I know how to handle my feelings. Oh, you mean just bury them and let them fester? It’s called being realistic. Realistic? You just live in this in’ state of denial. So yeah, okay, maybe that’s realistic for you. But to the rest of the world, it just looks like you’re constantly refusing to deal. No, it looks like there goes a person who knows how to be appropriate with their emotions.