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Forgive me lord, he managed to escape. Tomorrow, l want his head in my hand. Else I will keep your head in your hand. Bhalla, Who’s head? Who else… its Baahubali You chased him out of kingdom, Now you want to kill him? Not only him, I am going to kill his wife and child also If you oppose, I will kill you also. I listened… I know about my son lf he decides something, he will certainly do it We should inform baahubali Will he believe? Baahubali is innocent. He will not believe that his brother is bad There is only one way.. What is it? Its in your hand to do… With me? Yes, you have to kill bhallal dev. Don’t tell me you can’t do… Do it for baahubali and devsena. For their child.. Kill my son Bhallal dev Ok Kumara Verma, time will give only one chance to be a great warrior. Its time now You don’t understand whats happening? Sacrifice… The great order to kill Baahubali by mother queen herself In that, you are just a small reason Did you see sivagami… Baahubali sent his relative Kumara verma and his people through the secret path to kill our king Kumara verma and his people killed all our guards and cut Bhallal dev’s face… after all this, dont delay anything… Baahubali… What are you thinking sivagami? do your duty as mother queen… Don’t give space to your feelings, choose between your family and kingdom Choose you want that snake or your own son born for you Bhallaldev is not only your son, but the king of this country Whoever tries to kill the king.. Should be punished to death as well. If it happens, there will be revolution, the entire kingdom will be on fire This is not good for Mazhilmadhi So you are not going to punish him? Your affection is making you blind… Baahubali will be killed… But I don’t want Bhallal Dev to do it Let the history not be that elder brother killed his younger brother Then? How to do? Katappa, your ancesstors took oath that they will always serve the king and they will follow the orders of king. Do you still follow it? Yes.. Order me. Kill Baahubali… What are you saying? But why? You don’t need to know… Mother Queen… Mother, are you aware of all this? l beg you, please ask him take back his words. Baahubali will never make any mistake. He is your son… He grew drinking your milk… You taught… Baahubali need to die… No mother, I can’t do this For saying no, you kill me Will you kill him? Or shall I kill him? No Mother, this sin shouldn’t be done by your hands.. I will kill him.. I will kill him.. Can we trust this dog, Bhalla? Hey, see a tiger will be born for him and everything will be good Sir, Kattapa is being punished for betraying and taking him to the forest What are you saying? Yes Sir, I saw them Hey, What are you saying? Please sleep… Devasena, uncle is in danger I need to go, Devasena He promised to carry our child.. Bring him safely… Take care Baahubali… Baahubali… What happened, Uncle? Baahu… Baahu… Leave me here & go… My life is not important Baahu… I beg you Please go away… Let me die.. Listen to me I also want to leave you, old man You promised my wife to carry my child on your hand