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Sorry, I was working. I still have the same problem with the dishwasher. It was not the resistance. It was not the resistance? No, it was not. For me it’s a surprise. And the sink siphon? It worked? No, it does not work. I’m counting on you. Yes, yes. And try to use some shoes. And your uncle? No answer, drug. I think that got him. Calm. He says he stole the wallet. Tonight release him. I knew I was going to give it. You know, he game Silence. You left me scared less! Do You game Let’s do something classic, a little kiss. Classic is also good. I brought this for you. Thank U. Only had it with its size. It was my ex. A former with pompons shoes, must have helped the burn out game Oi, Alice. Sorry for the heater, maybe it was not the resistance. I’ll fix it. No, it’s okay. I turn around. That was Brazilian repair. What do I do for forgiveness? Tea, coffee? I’ll handle it. Let’s get water. What is yours? Your closet. He did not tell me anything. Do not say that. Explain. Put it back. Voice down. Where does that? Rio or Sao Paulo? I do not know, stop. Walid, what is it? Does not told? Come face! I must have understood his story away game I Love South Americans. I saw. Do not tell. The NGO will catch bad. Then caladinha. I’ll be quiet. How they want tea? As in the East. With foam. Samba does not fill. With pine nuts. Calm down. It will end suspicious. Do not be in the kitchen. Come sit here. He is so cute, right? Ready. Began again. Let’s get going because they will make a child. This way will be twins. Yeah. I also thought that. Twins because they are excited. Come on? Yup. Sorry. Just got. I’ll call you. Bye Now. Do you have a sense of humor. I wanted to tell you, I game My sick leave is ending and then return to work. This is good news. I’m happy for you. Good. Samba, I do not express myself just as Manu, but I also was afraid for you. And long ago that this was not the case with me. For me it happens often. And laugh too. It was time that was not the case. In fact long ago that I do not feel anything. So thank you.