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Hi, Mum. Oh, thank you, cheers. Oh, look at you! Look how handsome you are. I’ll get you a cup of tea. Thanks, Mum. Albie? I’m all right, Violet. Thank you. You do look lovely, Reg. How many witnesses? Well, it was a quiet night. Seven. Seven? Albert Woods was with Cornell. Plus five regulars. I don’t know them. And that barmaid, the blonde? The one with the big ing pair of eyes. ‘s sake. And you bring this here? This is where you bring it? You bring it straight to mums? Don’t moan about it, right? It’s done, innit? What are we going to do? Hmm? We? Yeah. Where’s the weapon? It’s here, Reg. There you go. Now, uh game would you like a piece of cake? You know what? That would be lovely. So game yeah. Thank you, mum. It is. It’s lovely. *laughs* Thanks. They’ve seen you wearing those clothes, right? Yeah. Yeah. So where’s his jacket? Right, you need to burn that. And that gun, we need to toss it in the river right ing now. Alright? Go on, off. You’re game uh game you’re unbelievable. Albie? Whoever was in that pub, we have to find out who they are, alright? And get hold of them and just unravel whatever they’ve said to the police. Right, what we want to do is get Pat and Bender and send them down in there. That bartender I know her, right? You know her? Alright, well, bring her to me. I’ll deal with her myself. Alright? Go on, off. Oh, where is everybody going? Oh, mum, it’s late. It’s late. I wanted them out of your hair, y’know. You should get some bedtime. Why don’t I give you a life home? Come on. Oh, it’s alright. I am home. I’ve made the bed up for him. He’s not well. He’s, uh game He’s got a fever. He’s gonna stay here tonight. Teddy, you like to stay with him? Thanks, that would be very nice. Thank you, Violet. Whatever he’s done game He’s your brother. Yeah. Well, ummm game Here’s your Stemetil, mate. You should take that. Do you know what? I’m going to have to go, actually. I left the lads at work game and I have to clean up. So I’m going to say g’night. G’night. Teddy, couldn’t do us a favor? Could you be useful?