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Fast Pokemon Rescue That’s how we love this boxing. But, you know, I respect the decision. But, % I believe that I won the fight, it’s okay. But anyway, in your heart, you know who win the fight. It’s okay. That’s part of the game. We accept that. So game I’m still here, I can fight. I can fight. And, until next time, thank you, thank you. Boxing is a cruel sport. You leave your blood, heart and soul on the canvas. But you can’t always control your fate. In the eyes of the world, Manny Pacquiao defeated his opponent. But once victory is stolen from you, what are you left with? Loss is always a reminder of what matters in life. Your people, your family, your faith. We are here to praise, to worship God, not only for Mr. Pacquiao, but his use as an instrument for these people game To spread the gospel of God. He inspires the young people because he came from nothing. He didn’t have a name before. Then he became one of the biggest men here in our country, in the world. As long as he wants to fight again, he can do both, because he