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Is it even worth it? This Claudia game does she have nice buns? Simona, how can you go out with him? He’s as sensitive as a toilet seat. You get used to life’s misfortunes. But guys, the point is game How do I find her? Ask the girl who had the party. What do I do? “Hi, I crashed your party the other night and game ” That’s one way. Come on! I took down Spandau Ballet. With that hair game What are you putting up now? Madonna and Nelson Mandela. Nice couple. But I’d even be racier. Gorbachev and Cicciolina. The time has come, the legendary Santilli is here. The reason I’ve been summoned? Filippo, first I’d like to apologize for all the practical jokes. I’ve always admired you. As both student and game your look. We called you to help us study for exams. You can sail right through towards an A+. You want me to test you? Yes. And be ruthless, like a real exam. Okay game ruthless. But not too much, we’ll get demoralized. Okay, in what subject? Italian. Something that goes for written and oral. Let’s start with an elementary inquiry. Considering what we’ve studied, in your opinion, how much has Jansenism influenced Manzonian Poetics? Back-up question? Wait, let me think. You think you know? I do. He knows. Give him time! Answer! What was it? Jansen game Johnson who? Get the dictionary! Jansenism game Why wouldn’t I know? Trick question! Tell the truth: there’s no such thing as Jansenism. There it goes game yes! And Lothar Matthaus strikes again! Again? It’s one-nil. I know. Wait. Excuse me! I have exams in ten days. Good luck, babe. What record? Your team won by pure luck. You didn’t deserve it. Luck? wins, ties, losses, average + , that’s luck? It’s the start of a string of wins for Inter. Why don’t you two go out? You get on just great! Your sister’s moody. Time of the month. That’s a penalty! Up yours! Some pie? It’s sour cherry. Thanks Grandma. Not right now. What about you, Chicca? Sure, thanks. When will you know who got through to the exams? Tomorrow. Then I’ll make a cake to celebrate. Let’s hope there’s something to celebrate.