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Not then. I wasn’t about to go to work for your father. So I just took off. I never wrote. I never called you. But I never stopped wanting to Shelly. I never stopped wanting to see you again. But I couldn’t. You understand that? I had nothing to offer you. You were so wrong Dominick. So wrong. Not then. Even then. There was never anyone for me but you. Never. Nobody else. Don’t you understand? Shelly. Shelly. Now everything is so difficult. Bill may never be sane again. And perhaps he did what he did because of me. Because I was never really his. You mustn’t think that Shelly. Lorena. Shelly? Shelly what a surprise. Why are you in Venice? Because of Bill. Oh. You located him then. I’m very glad to hear it. It’s very good seeing you again my dear. It’s late, I really must run. Who’s she? Lorena Borelli. We had cocktails with her husband. Wait for me at the hospital. Oh excuse me. Si. Can you tell me where that train’s headed? In Germania. Thank you. What’s wrong? He’s having convulsions. I’m going to find the doctor. Bill. Take it easy Bill. Bill lie back. — Take it easy. That’s the way. I told you the truth. He’s the one who’s lying. I gave him it. I gave him it I swear. I gave him it. A red dress. Go away. Roberto. Maturian. Maturian. Maturian. Maturian. But he’s gone. Everybody’s gone. There’s nobody here anymore. Nobody. They left the other day. Thank you very much. Please wait outside. You can leave us here. This time I wanted to help the police, and this is all the thanks I get. Thank you very much, wait outside please. Cheerful place. Yeah. Like a tomb. That’s his office. Hmm. Looks as if he skipped out in a big hurry. Nothing but dust. It’s funny his running away. Oh! That’s still hot. Someone was just using the pot. Baudi, look. Congratulations Sherlock Holmes. Elementary my dear Watson. Baudi. xxx Baudi How do you feel? I’ve felt better before. What happened? A small earthquake. But you can forget it. He’s long gone. Who was m? Maturian? No. It felt more like Jack Dempsey. Hey-” The red dress. In his delirium Bill