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This is not the only evidence. I have other evidence, much more convincing than this. I prefer to keep them for later. This is absurd. How do you think I committed these crimes? How? Lucia, you know it is not me. Of course, Inspector, he was with me far from here when someone tried to kill my husband. But very close from where he was finally murdered. I’m sorry but you’ll have to come with us. No Pablo, do not go. Do not worry Bertha. All will be well. See you soon. How was the poison was found in his room? I should have seen it. There is only one explanation. Someone put it there. Yes, it probably happened like that, but who? As I said in my announcement you won’t have a lot of work. More than work, I will just ask you for a little company. In the announcement there was nothing of the sort, Sir. I did not think it was so important. For me it is. And now I understand that I should not have come from so far without checking who you were before. And what will you do? I will leave immediately. No. Don’t go. I’m sorry Mrs. but your husband is no longer here. He was sent to the capital this morning. You must go. You cannot leave him alone. Take care of my little girl please Lucia. If we hurry she can take the o’clock train. Let’s go. I’ll help you pack your bags. Good afternoon. Thank you. Good afternoon. Tell me, my aunt, why my parents are not here? I’ve already told you. They are in the capital. Buying Christmas gifts? Yes. They will come back soon? I hope. And now we sleep. Some coffee? No thank you. We must make a decision Lucia. I do not want you to stay here any longer. I have to wait until they return. I have to think about the little girl. And you think Pablo will return? You also begin to doubt him? No, Ricardo. Someone put the poison in his room. And it is the same person who, the same way, eliminated one more person from my family. That’s my fault. I should have dealt with this rascal. But there’s still time. But you still don’t get it? If Gonzalo really has supernatural powers what can you do against him?