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Fast Snail I can’t imagine how you feel right now, but it’s very important that we learn as much about what happened as possible so we can get this information out over the police radio. What can you tell me about what happened? Can you tell me how many of them there were? Can you tell me what color they were? Were they black? Were they white? Were they Hispanic? Can you tell me how old they were? Was one older than the other? There were two of them. Two young men. What can you tell me about the older of the two? Were there any distinguishing marks or tattoos? An earring? Did he have a beard or a mustache? Can you tell me how they were dressed? Sister, I know this is difficult, but I can’t emphasize how important it is. The sooner we can get this information out over the game Here it is, ball two from Franco, and John Franco is struggling. He walked Carlos Hernandez. He got behind on Scioscia, who singled. He got behind on Butler, who lined out. It’s now and . Daniels in a game situation here. Come on, Daniels. If he can work his way aboard, then the load falls once again to Darryl Strawberry, as he has a chance to play hero once again for the Dodgers, but it’s up to Daniels at this point. From the stretch game Come on, Daniels. Ball three! Good eyes, good eyes. Take it. Take your next one. A count now. Daniels with Strawberry on deck. Strawberry already with three hits tonight. Two to nothing ballgame, ninth inning, and there’s a strike. Three and one the count, as Daniels game All right, all right. Good move. Take the pitch. Eyes, eyes. Three and one. Come on, Daniels. Eyes. Use your game ing eyes. Two on, one out. Here’s the pitch. Ground ball to short. Could be two. Flipped to second for one, relay to first. It’s a double play! You sucker! You game ing miserable game ing sucker! Piece of game ing shit! You game ing nigger! game ing sucker! You game ing piece of shit! The body of Christ. .