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Plenty of room up your ass, huh? Ideally we should cover this sector. According to the DNOD there’s a lot of night traffic, it’s sparsely inhabited and close to the autoroute. So, we should set up here. And put some guys at the tolls. How about you, Vanuxem, hm? At the toll booths. Yeah! You got my guy busted! You gave me that ing route! Calm down, they’ll hear you. I swear, they never mentioned that spot. This is impossible! You screwed up! You up everything. It’s not my fault if they changed their mind. How do I get my merchandise back? Yeah, how does he get his merchandise back? I’m asking you, too. Really? Well, he was supposed to write it down. We’ll return your money. What’s left of it. You spent it already? Can’t you shut up, now and again? It was times as much. Plus, what he had up his game car! What are the doing in the kitchen? Jacques? Jacques! I better go or they’ll come here. No, they’re around the map. Go and memorize all you can. Got it? Is that clear? It’s clear. Go! Jacques, we promised to eat lunch not spend the day. Yeah, I was in the kitchen, so game Jacques. Jacques? Yes? Move the dishes so I can fold my map, please? Oh, excuse me. Should I clean up? No, it’ll do, thanks. As you wish. Jacques? Yes? The plates. Where’s my head? I’ll order a la carte. A la carte. Here. The menu. Oh, yeah game Hot damn, bingo! We got this guy. Let him come. Customs! Come closer, c’mon. C’mon! game He won’t stop. What the hell’s he up to? Ruben, move, he won’t stop! He’ll stop, alright! Move, Ruben, I have the spike strip. Freeze! You all right? Thanks. You’d do the same for me. I don’t think, so. What are you doing here? You’re crazy to come in Duval’s car! I almost killed Vandevoorde. What? He almost killed me, too. You ran into Vandevoorde? I swear, I’m jinxed! Didn’t recognize you, I hope. No. If he’d recognized me he’d be here. He shot at me. You OK, hon? Not injured? Oh, lucky it wasn’t our car! I quit. It’s too risky. That was my last run. What? Wait! Look. Look what Duval gave me. Look, double what