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don’t win, the Bellas are over. This is the biggest challenge that any of us have ever faced. When I was nine years old, my brother tried to sell me for a chicken, so game Well, I will do whoever it takes in order for us to get back to the top. You mean “whatever” it takes. Yeah, I’ll do that, too. That’s great news. Yes. No, I can start Monday. I would be stoked to start on game Sorry, I don’t say “stoked.” I don’t say stuff like that. I’m, like, I’m pretty cool. You’re gonna like me. That was bad, too. We need to attack this problem head-on. I want % commitment and laser focus, right? Great! I will see you Monday. Beca out! Beca. Yeah. Hey, ladies. Wanna come to a party? It’s a tiki party. You guys don’t even have to wear shoes. It’s the best kind of party. Here you go. Sure. Hey, great job, Trebles. You guys killed it. Oh, thank you. You like a cappella? Oh, yeah. I’ve got my heart set on being a Bella. It’s actually at the very top of all my dream boards. Did I hear mention of dreams? Hi. Benjamin Applebaum at your service. Hello. I just have to say, you are so spirited. I game I just wanna put you in a box and saw you in half. For magic. As a part of a trick. He does magic. Right. It’s only weird if you don’t embrace it. Dude, explain yourself. I’ll be honest, I completely blacked out. How’d I do, man? Honestly? I’ve seen you do worse. Awesome. It’s been months and we’re still getting hate mail? Sucks! “For your hairy situation”? Oh. Okay, we are officially registered. Update your passports, ladies, because we are going to the very sunny, very beautiful, Copenhagen! Yeah! Nice! Yes! Oh. Where is that? I don’t know. I failed Maps. It looks like the competition has been dominated by that stupid German group that took over our tour. You mean “stole” our tour. Word. We need to scout those Deutsche-bags. Yes. But how good can they be? Germany hasn’t produced a good singer since David Hasselhoff. We’re gonna crush them. And when we do, we can stick it to these chumps who send us all this hate mail, like, “Sonia Sotomayor.