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Fast Wrestling Wriot 2 he’s learned with Manny Pacquiao. Even Freddie says sometimes, “Don’t get too close to these guys. ” But, when you wake up with them and you eat with them and you’re with them all day, I think that the relationship then becomes no longer coach and athlete, it becomes friends to almost being brothers game Because you’re together for so long. Anytime he’s hurt, he comes to you, when he’s hungry, he comes to you, He doesn’t feel right, he comes to you, when some thing’s not right, he comes to you, So, the relationship just evolves that way, I think it is inevitable. One moment of silence, please. The news broke that De La Hoya and Pacquiao was going to go off. He said, “Dude, I can’t believe I’m fighting my idol. I used to watch Oscar when I was a little kid. ” Good shot. I had just barely got him to . Now, I have to make him jump two more weight classes to ? And it’s Oscar De La Hoya. It’s one thing if you’re jumping weight classes to fight some cheeseburger. We’re fighting one of the best fighters in boxing. He was not only the face of boxing, but a dangerous fighter. Not to mention, Freddie said it’s going to destroy both of our careers, if Manny gets beat. Looking good, bro. Do your thing, man, just wanted to say hello. He’s fast, he’s fearless, and he’s got a lot of power. and De La Hoya is a lot bigger. But, he’s got too much power, too much heart. Oscar fighting that little guy? Don, get over here. What is he trying to do, man? Why would he want to fight him? We’re focused on speed. We’re trying to develop the power. I think it depends on what’s De La Hoya’s style in the ring. My motivation has been his skills. My motivation has been his youth, his speed. His power. My motivation has been his relentlessness inside that ring. That’s what really drove me to go to the gym every single day to feel no pain. Manny Pacquiao is a fighter. That’s why I’m looking forward to this fight. It’s going to be fun. Everybody said that De La Hoya was too big and was going to massacre him. And, there was a bill in the Philippines,