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What did he want there, Fenton? How do I know? I told you. You’re supposed to use your sight. “Fenton, we’re looking for a stolen car.” “What can you tell us?” They always think of me first. What do I know about it? There’s somethin‘ up that guy’s butt. Will you excuse me? Be right back. Ls she all right? I’m sure she’s fine. I’ll just… I just miss something? She’s got a real protective brother. Larry! Patty- Hey- Come on. I thought you were leaving. I wasn’t leaving. I was just getting in line. But you disappeared. There’s people around here, Larry. Be careful. What do you mean? What are you doing? You started it. I didn’t start it. Don’t you start it. Larry. Will you marry me? What? I know that sounds ridiculous to you, but I would do it. I’d do anything for you. Ma! Jesus! Got a little more… Why don’t you take him over to the fountain? All right. Come on, let’s go. We’ll be right back. What’s that? Where’s Kellogg? Oh. He says he’s doing it by himself. Who’s that guy? I’ve seen this guy. Bud Valentine. Plays for Pittsburgh. Right. He’s the pitcher. Right. Do you like him? Yeah. He’s good. Been in a slump lately. Missed a start in Atlanta today. Ls he wanted for something? What do you mean? He’s just missing? What? What are you looking at? What is it, KC? What is it? Hold still. Wanna know what my dad does? What? He owns seven Piggly Wigglys and nine Sir Steaks. No, ten Sir Steaks. He bought a new one from RadioShack. It used to be a RadioShack. Know what I’m saying? You don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna do that. You know what he wants me to do? He wants me, someday, to take the whole chain to the New York Stock Exchange. Me, the captain of industry. He’s the one that’s been telling me since I was two I’m a time-waster. “Sonny, goddammit, get your ass down here.” My mom would go “For Christ’s sake, he’s only eight.” He sent me away when I was . Threw you out? He sent me to school. I said “Fine with me, at least I get some privacy.” Get me outta there, Patty. I’m begging you. Let me be your butler or something.