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Deb, Deb, where is Shawn? Where did you see him last? He couldn’t have just disappeared. I can’t come home till they get back. There are fires all over the city. Call the police. Then try them again, Deb. Deb, baby, Deb, Deb stop crying, stop crying, we’ll find him, okay? I promise. Okay? Deb? Hello? Deb? I hope you know where we’re going. We can’t keep running like this. Don’t worry, we’re close. Okay, come on. Holy Mother Mary. Are you all right? Not exactly. Samon, thank Christ you’re alive. What the hell is going on out there? Well, it’s the end of the world. Must be. I haven’t seen anybody else all day. The others took all the working engine. That one’s transmission is busted. Well, let’s take my truck. It’s payback time. Whoa, whoa, whoa… Nice. Whoa! Where’s the fire? I’m going after my daughter. And there are some out of towners out there. They aren’t too friendly. If I were you, I’d arm myself. You’re serious? Oh my God! My family, man! I got to get to my family. I got to see my family! I got to… Tim! Come with us. Here, sorry. But if it as bad as you say it is then I need to collect my family. If the power lines are down… I need to go, man. I… Alright. Just stay focused. Be careful out there. Good luck, Chris. Take care of yourself, Tim. Chris, I can’t thank you enough. I got to get back to base. This is war. So give ’em hell! Well, you drive. Sully… Why don’t we back seat this one. Game on, boss. Captain, what is it? There. Where? What is it doing? What’s going on? Something’s not right. How do you know? They’re hunting us. And that one is a decoy. They rest are going to flank us from all sides. Orders, Captain? Run! As fast as you can. Hurry, this way. It’s gone. Oh Jesus. My heart can’t stop pounding. It’s war. Get used to it. Hey. You okay? I should never have left her alone. Hey, Chris, come on. Well, if she’s anything at all like you, she’s doing fine. She doesn’t want to be anything like me. I break every promise, I’m never there. Don’t worry, we’re gonna find her. Hey! Hey! We’re gonna find her, okay?