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Feed Magnificent King 4 Will you defy heart beats that keeps you alive? If the feeling can’t be expressed by word Does it mean such silence is not worthy enough? Tide touches the shore now and then Is it fair to restrict it? Don’t you think ‘I’ refer her and ‘She’ refers me? Is it our wrong being a boy and a girl? Can’t a boy and a girl be Friends forever? Will you part ways to satisfy others? You go What have you decided? Yes dad, as all of you think that there is love between us I am very happy that you’ve understood there is love between you Friendship is between lovers Similarly love is between friendship I can’t understand what you are saying Tell me one thing, dad What is that you and mom show on me and what aunty shows on Siri? Isn’t it love? For two people being together in any relationship Game they need love between them The same love is also between us In this love, we don’t expect anything from each other The love that don’t expect anything is called friendship Our friendship started since our childhood, when I pulled her doll from her hands After years, my minds still have the same feeling If I had pulled that doll from a boy, and if he wanted to be my friend forever You wouldn’t say ‘No’, right? Your problem is because Siri is a girl After a boy and a girl get matured and still roam as friends Game Game this world can’t accept it We are living in the society that onlookers may misunderstand Game if brother and sister go for a ride in the bike You are right But they can’t change the brother and sister relationship, right? Brother and sister Mother and son Father and daughter The society which is accepting them as true relationship Game Game why can’t it accept a boy and a girl’s friendship? We were happily roaming in the world of friendship these days It is because of freedom that you gave us And the faith you kept on us Since childhood, in the school, college, music, love, happy, sorrow and life She was with me in everywhere and vice versa We have shared everything But Game But I can’t even think of sharing my bed also with her