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Find the way I always liked it. Ready? No, no, no. This scares the out of me. Well, we struck out again, right? Will you shut up? Not everybody’s as neat as you are. You got to look. Barrett. Dominoe. Hey, Kitten. What do you say, my man? Can I talk to you alone for a minute? Get out, bitch. What’s this? That’s Valium Game milligram. That’s funny. Yeah, yeah, that’s funny. ing milligrams. Don’t bull me. And I go on walkin Walkin with those blues I’m going to drop a dime on your ass. It’s going to be ing years for you. You’ve got a goddamn maniac out there mixing Dee’s and PCP. I ain’t going to waste my breath on you. That’s a lot of time. Hold on, hold on, hold on. There was a buyer. There was? Yeah. Last month. How much? Late last month. A thousand. Who was it? I don’t know. I didn’t see the guy. Oh, Jesus, Kitten. You’re talking to Arch here. Ha ha ha ha. You don’t know who it was? No. Are you the man in this town? Yeah, I’m the man. Don’t you ever stroke me, man. I’m not stroking you. I don’t know. Information. I’m trying to tell you. It was a tall guy. What else? Caucasian. Yeah? He had a mole on his face. A ing mole. You going to give me that old line? A ing Game a tattoo? No, I don’t know about a tattoo. Look, let me talk to you. Hold on. Where we going? You know what? You come downtown to get in trouble. Is Arch there? Yeah. Do I help you out? I looked for you last night. What did my partner tell you? He said if any go down, you were gonna shoot my dick off. That’s right. I want a name. I want a in’ name. Come on, Arch, goddamn. You make it awful tough. I told you I didn’t see him. I didn’t get a name. You know what I think? No. What do you think? I think your in’ ass is in trouble. Oh, in’ a, Arch. Come on. Goddamn it. Hey, this is Kitten, man. Can you fly? No, but I talk better on my goddamn feet. You better get some wings. You’re my buddy. You’re not gonna throw me. Is that what it is? Yeah. All right. Well, goodbye. Hey. OK, I got a name. I got a name, Arch. Arch. Oh, you son of a bitch. Wait. Now, come on.